Customer acquisition, retention and communication


Using new approaches to attract and retain customers

Every bank is finding it difficult to attract and retain profitable customers. Enticing them and then building a long-standing relationship with them is therefore a fundamental aspect of the new retail banking business model. Most banks now see customer centricity as a key priority. A deeper understanding of customers and their needs will help to build higher levels of loyalty, which is vital in these uncertain economic times.

This annual conference provides delegates with a participatory forum where they can not only listen to presentations on the latest ideas, technologies and practices, but also share and debate news and views during stimulating interactive discussions.

Key issues
This year’s event will focus on the following aspects:

Building profitable customer relationships:
• Relationships. Is a face-to-face advisory approach more important than a remote one? How can banks build successful remote relationship management models that will ensure customer loyalty?
• Customer acquisition and retention. New approaches to attracting customers, including new channels and communication methods. Once banks have acquired customers, how can they not only keep them but actually boost their loyalty? Possible solutions include cross-company approaches rather than just marketing-driven initiatives. Measuring retention and the quality of relationships.
• Communication. Using the right language and communication technologies (such as social media) to strengthen customer relationships.

Key acquisition and retention strategies:
• Targeting the best customers. How can banks identify the most profitable customers and those with the highest potential? What role does pricing play in attracting and retaining customers?
• Brand and segmentation. Using a strong brand to attract and retain customers. The creation of new segments to improve retention and loyalty.
• Preparing for the future. The latest thoughts on developing a customer-centric retail banking model for future growth and engagement.

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