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2014 Banking and Payments Fraud Conference


Addressing the cyber-crime challenge

2014 Banking and Payments Fraud Conference - London - Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th April.


Conference will look at the influence of changing technologies in payments and mobile banking, new devices, the growth of mobile and internet transactions, social media and its influence on the fight to manage risk and prevent fraud and the cyber crime threats

“Cyber criminals” have come from the internet revolution, attacking businesses, breaking into databases, websites and exploiting the web for fraud. Speakers will review the key trends and issues impacting banking and payments across markets, products, channels and devices, speakers include:

Alastair Sheen - HSBC, global fraud context.  

Mark Cobbett - UK Payments - the UK banks’ response to fraud

Mark Sullivan - Interac - How the Canada is tackling card and payment fraud

Mark Pack – Blue Rubicon – City University - the impact of social media on banking fraud

Peter Bailey – VISA Europe – impact of  e wallets, CNP and contactless etc.

FICO tbc – new innovation in fraud prevention across products and channels.

Charles Radclyffe – BIPB - Improve analytics, get more from data, quicker and smarter 

Ron Atzmon - AU10TIX – Online & mobile ID document authentication and record generation

Andrew Churchill – Technology Strategy - Where cyber-crime is taking us - what we need to worry about

Chris Jarman - Secure Electrans - Innovation in payment acceptance

Jim Marsh – WIPRO Technology - Optimising fraud risk management in your business

Riten Gohill - Sphonic - Insights in use of additional data for new business and transaction validation.

Kieran Hines tbc - Datamonitor - Customer attitudes to crime and fraud prevention.

Jackie Barwell – Retail Decisions – changes in fraud prevention at point of sale.

Graeme McGowan – QuinSec – protecting your business from Cyber Criminals.

Conference provides a unique chance to meet speakers, delegates and exhibitors - make valuable connections.

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