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A dynamic project of interest to the market participants, as evidenced by the low bounce rate (14–18%), a big number of pages viewed (10–12 on average), and the average length of staying on the portal for about 5 minutes.

Our visitors represent the following organisations:

  • Offline and online retailers;
  • Banks and other financial institutions, payment systems;
  • Vendors and suppliers to the retail sector;
  • Telecom;
  • Government agencies;
  • Hotels, tour operators, airlines, transport companies

The visitors represent company staff members responsible for decision making and project management of the most active age range of 28 to 40. The web portal publishes daily news from retailers, vendors, banks and other market participants from around the world.

Retail & Loyalty Readership Among the journal audience are top managers including but not limited to directors, vice-presidents, mid-level managers directly involved in the decision-making process and projects developed by the following entities:


The subscription to the Journal is available at the editorial office and agencies.

Retail & Loyalty Journal is distributed at the following events:

  1. Online Retail Russia. International congress of key persons of online retailers and online-businesses of common retail chains.
  2. RETAIL BUSINESS RUSSIA. International summit of key persons of the Russian retail market. All segments. All the key players!
  3. Petrol Stations in Russia: Development, competition, marketing
  4. CNews FORUM: Information technology tomorrow.
  5. RBC Conference: Drivers and brakes of the Russian retail
  6. Retail in Russia: Annual Conference
  7. Retail Commerce: International congress of directors responsible for procurements and proprietary trademarks of retail chains
  8. PLUS Forum

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