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12:24 11.01.2021 Количество просмотров 75 views

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, will host the PLUS-Forum “Banks and Retail. Digital Transformation and Interaction” on June 1, 2021.
12:00 11.01.2021 Количество просмотров 69 views

Practical Biometrics, a new PLUS-Forum brand name event will be held online by PLUS Media Holding in collaboration with Iris Devices on February 25, 2021!
12:04 24.12.2020 Количество просмотров 112 views

Magnit PJSC (MOEX and LSE: MGNT; the Company), one of Russia’s leading retailers, began testing e-commerce services in the second half of 2020, with the most recent pilots launched in early December.
16:42 23.12.2020 Количество просмотров 124 views

Dear readers, colleagues, friends!
Happy New Year 2021 and Merry Christmas!
Let it be better than the outgoing 2020 for all of us!
Let it be!

09:40 18.12.2020 Количество просмотров 151 views

X5 Retail Group ("X5" or the "Company"), a leading Russian food retailer (LSE and MOEX ticker: "FIVE"), announces that continued growth in online sales during 9M 2020 enabled the Company to maintain its #1 position in the Russian e-grocery market, accord...
15:36 04.12.2020 Количество просмотров 241 views

The relevance of optimisation software in the retail sector is undisputed: hardly anything has improved the results of food retail companies over the past two decades as massively as the introduction of replenishment solutions: through increasingly precise calculations of sales forecasts, the availa...
19:35 26.11.2020 Количество просмотров 269 views

A new report from Revionics, an Aptos company, reveals the opportunities for retailers to protect and boost margins that have been battered by Covid-19, and which will remain under pressure for some time to come.
11:33 20.11.2020 Количество просмотров 318 views

Authored by: Anastasia Laska, VP Partner Alliances & Business Development, EMEA, Revionics, an Aptos company
19:18 03.11.2020 Количество просмотров 323 views

To mark the 60th anniversary of Rhea Vendors Group, the management team at the helm of the company since 2018 has decided to celebrate Rhea’s values and vocation for innovation, social sustainability and corporate culture, as promoted by founder Aldo Doglioni Majer and his son Carlo.
15:38 23.10.2020 Количество просмотров 305 views

X5 Retail Group, a leading Russian food retailer, has opened its first cashierless Pyaterochka store with fully-automated checkout systems. The new Pyaterochka #naletu is located at 2 Velaskesa Boulevard in Moscow. This pilot store aims to address a new generation of shoppers who prefer to make quic...
10:01 21.10.2020 Количество просмотров 302 views

Magnit PJSC (MOEX and LSE: MGNT; the Company), one of Russia’s leading retailers, has signed long-term lease agreements for 77 retail facilities previously occupied by stores operated by TD Intertorg under the Family and Spar brands.
10:05 12.10.2020 Количество просмотров 287 views

Magnit PJSC (MOEX and LSE: MGNT; the Company), one of Russia’s leading retailers, and Delivery Club announce the roll-out of their service for express delivery of products from the retailer’s stores across several regions. While initially, Delivery Club users could order deliveries only in M...
14:42 15.09.2020 Количество просмотров 291 views

X5 Retail Group, a leading Russian food retailer that operates the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, and Karusel retail chains, has launched a contactless shopping system that is accessible via mobile devices. The Express Scan technology was developed in-house by X5 to boost customer safety and create a &qu...
23:56 05.07.2020 Количество просмотров 609 views

The shoppers receive orders on their smartphones and users receive a prompt via the app at the moment of checkout to confirm replacements or to add an additional request before receiving it all at their front door shortly afterwards. Delivery (when a city is not under quarantine) is typicall...
08:34 29.06.2020 Количество просмотров 829 views

Microsoft announced that it is permanently closing its physical stores worldwide. The company's retail employees will continue to serve customers through Microsoft's corporate offices and remotely, providing sales, training, and support.
11:16 01.06.2020 Количество просмотров 881 views

Companies, in particular, were present at the load testing of the drug labeling system, which was conducted by the labeling operator Center for advanced technology development (CRPT) at the end of May in order to test the process in conditions of increased demand for medicines.
01:25 21.04.2020 Количество просмотров 708 views

The Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz) has announced a tender to develop a concept for the use of electronic SIM card (eSIM) in Russia.
01:20 21.04.2020 Количество просмотров 720 views

The Bank of Russia recommended that commercial banks change their approach to the remuneration of their employees, explaining the request by “unfair practices” revealed.  The respective letter signed by BoR Governor Elvira Nabiullina is published on the regulator's website.
01:15 21.04.2020 Количество просмотров 763 views

On April 9, 2020, a stake in Sberbank was bought by the government from the Bank of Russia, Izvestia reported with reference to a source. The deal amounted to 2.14 trillion rubles, which is 300 billion less than originally planned. This is explained by the fact that Sberbank securities plunged on th...
01:15 21.04.2020 Количество просмотров 671 views

The State Duma supported the idea of providing credit holidays to the holders of mortgage of up to 5 million rubles, wrote State Duma Vice Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy on his social network page.


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