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#Stayathome and Cornershop – The Future of E-commerce
23:56 05.07.2020 Количество просмотров 258 views

The shoppers receive orders on their smartphones and users receive a prompt via the app at the moment of checkout to confirm replacements or to add an additional request before receiving it all at their front door shortly afterwards. Delivery (when a city is not under quarantine) is typicall...
Microsoft declares on closing its physical stores worldwide
08:34 29.06.2020 Количество просмотров 366 views

Microsoft announced that it is permanently closing its physical stores worldwide. The company's retail employees will continue to serve customers through Microsoft's corporate offices and remotely, providing sales, training, and support.
Russian pharmaceutical market declared their technical readiness to label medicines
11:16 01.06.2020 Количество просмотров 347 views

Companies, in particular, were present at the load testing of the drug labeling system, which was conducted by the labeling operator Center for advanced technology development (CRPT) at the end of May in order to test the process in conditions of increased demand for medicines.
Rossvyaz seeking concept developer of eSIM implementation in Russia
01:25 21.04.2020 Количество просмотров 363 views

The Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz) has announced a tender to develop a concept for the use of electronic SIM card (eSIM) in Russia.
Bank of Russia recommends that banks wean employees off bonuses in view of cheating customers
01:20 21.04.2020 Количество просмотров 377 views

The Bank of Russia recommended that commercial banks change their approach to the remuneration of their employees, explaining the request by “unfair practices” revealed.  The respective letter signed by BoR Governor Elvira Nabiullina is published on the regulator's website.
Russian government rapidly buys out Sberbank from Central Bank
01:15 21.04.2020 Количество просмотров 420 views

On April 9, 2020, a stake in Sberbank was bought by the government from the Bank of Russia, Izvestia reported with reference to a source. The deal amounted to 2.14 trillion rubles, which is 300 billion less than originally planned. This is explained by the fact that Sberbank securities plunged on th...
State Duma supports mortgage holidays idea
01:15 21.04.2020 Количество просмотров 367 views

The State Duma supported the idea of providing credit holidays to the holders of mortgage of up to 5 million rubles, wrote State Duma Vice Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy on his social network page.
Roskachestvo does not recommend using cash when paying for purchases and services
10:24 07.04.2020 Количество просмотров 437 views

Roskachestvo recommends contactless payments and explains why cash should not be used at least in the period of the pandemic.
The Range of Russia-Made Products on AliExpress Grew almost by 40 Times
17:26 12.03.2020 Количество просмотров 499 views

The range of Russian products offered at the local AlieExpress marketplace and Tmall has grown by 38 times over a year and reached 1.5 mln items.
Russia Stops Exportation of Medical Face Masks
17:24 12.03.2020 Количество просмотров 701 views

Russia has introduced a ban on the exportation of a range of medical products, including face masks and bandages till June 1, 2020.
Money20/20: No rehashed content. No sales pitches. No “thought leadership”
15:21 11.03.2020 Количество просмотров 462 views

Money20/20 Europe has ripped up the rulebook on how an agenda should be structured – NO rehashed themes, NO sales pitches and NO fluffy “thought leadership”.
Russian Post will help enter Japanese market
09:38 02.03.2020 Количество просмотров 570 views

Russian Post, in collaboration with Japan Post, is organizing the Russian Goods Festival in Tokyo with the participation of the Russian Export Center (REC), the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Communications of ...
eBay office in Moscow to govern 200 markets worldwide
09:33 02.03.2020 Количество просмотров 599 views

200 local markets will go under the governance of the Moscow office of eBay, with a new HiPo region (High Potential Global Emerging markets) to be formed within the company infrastructure.
Wildberries founder called Russia’s wealthiest lady
13:56 26.02.2020 Количество просмотров 630 views

Tatyana Bakalchuk, the Wildberries owner, outstripped Elena Baturina in the Forbes ranking of Russia's richest women. Estimated at USD1.4bn, her fortune increased by USD400 million over the year, while Baturina’s fortune of USD1.2bn remained unchanged in the same period.
Every fifth company closed in Russia In 2019
13:52 26.02.2020 Количество просмотров 563 views

The recent trend toward a “depopulation” of business (growing number of closed companies compared to newly established ones) intensified in 2019, according to a study by FinExpertiza, an international audit and consulting network.
PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail”. Key topics. New partners
09:19 17.02.2020 Количество просмотров 659 views

Despite the fact that long-awaited snow has covered Russian streets at last and the 7th International PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail” that will be held in Moscow Sokolniki Exhibition Center on October 7-8 is still a long way off, the pool of partners, experts and guests of this iconic platform ...
Putin proposes revoking licenses of pharmacies for hiking anti-virus mask prices
14:46 11.02.2020 Количество просмотров 1585 views

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that  pharmacies must be stripped of their licenses if they raise prices for anti-virus masks.
Russian fuel ranks second cheapest in Europe
14:42 11.02.2020 Количество просмотров 580 views

Russian gasoline prices rank second cheapest in Europe after Kazakhstan.
Mastercard may launch an e-tipping platform
09:33 04.02.2020 Количество просмотров 687 views

Mastercard plans to launch a cashless tipping platform in Russia. A similar facility was implemented by Visa in the summer of 2019 in collaboration with the Russian Standard. Other banks may not participate in it.
PUTIN TEAM fashion line first presented internationally
09:33 04.02.2020 Количество просмотров 538 views

ISPO Munich 2020, the largest international exhibition of sporting goods and technologies, was held in Munich on January 26-29.


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