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17:59 23.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1070 views

The company Simtex (BTiE-seti Technoshock, Prosto and Zakazi online store) launched a new “couponator” project.

17:28 23.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1302 views

DIY Union is going to consolidate up to 50% of purchasing of all the retail companies – members of the Union within 3-5 years.
16:27 23.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1065 views

Visa, Alfa-Bank, VimpelCom  and Telemarket  present an innovative solution for accepting bank card payments – Mobile payment terminal Pay-me.
15:24 23.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1106 views

Marketing department of the company ASSIST has conducted a research in order to define the key criteria the air carriers use to choose their e-payments providers.
14:22 23.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1191 views

The payment service “Wallet One” is expanding its currencies list and starts working with Euro.
16:53 22.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1197 views

Russians pay online for 42% of online purchases: 31% of the purchases are made via electronic payment systems, 11% – with bank cards.
16:17 22.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1087 views

Up until recently the online store was available only to the customers in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.
14:08 16.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1285 views

High-tech terminals (Enter’s innovation) processed 34% of sales.
16:06 15.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1198 views

If this initiative is successful, foreign tourists would be able to get back partial cost of their purchases within the whole Customs Union.
11:18 15.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1540 views

Now it is possible to withdraw cash at ATMs with a card issued by any bank using a smartphone.
16:22 12.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1239 views

American post officials promised to solve the issue of improving the logistics of mail delivery from the USA to the RF in the shortest possible time.
16:19 12.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1184 views

Х5 Retail Group is the only Russian retailer that closes its big hypermarkets.
14:08 12.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1337 views

GetTaxi allows calling a taxi with a single Smartphone button.
13:19 12.10.2012 Количество просмотров 3427 views

Re:store together with Samsung Electronics announced opening of Samsung brand store on October 12.
17:04 11.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1242 views

The share of users of e-payment systems such as Yandex.Money, WebMoney, PayPal etc is still minimal and doesn’t exceed 10% of Russian citizens.
16:05 11.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1179 views

Turnover of the Russian e-commerce market equaled 553.8 bln rubles, which is about 1% of the total GDP.
15:24 11.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1371 views

This is the first project of this kind on the Russian banking market.
14:59 11.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1407 views

Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment are afraid  of parallel import legalization.
14:24 11.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1198 views

Parcels sent from train stations will be available at the automated parcel stations Logibox.
16:03 10.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1276 views

Terminals able to accept PayPass payments will be installed at points of sale serviced by the bank.


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