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14:24 11.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1346 views

Parcels sent from train stations will be available at the automated parcel stations Logibox.
16:03 10.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1436 views

Terminals able to accept PayPass payments will be installed at points of sale serviced by the bank.
11:00 10.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1568 views

Leto Bank, member of the Group, will offer loans at points of sale, cash loans and credit cards as well as transfers and payments.
14:00 09.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1348 views

Uniastrum Bank has conducted a survey among the visitors of its official web site.
12:00 09.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1353 views

Turnover of online retail in the RF is still 2% of the total volume of retail sales, but it keeps growing by 25% every year.
00:00 08.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1350 views

Evropeisky shopping centre became the most visited shopping center in Moscow and Russia.
12:57 05.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1458 views

By 2013 the retailer is going to close all the brick-and-mortar points of sale and to concentrate on its online business only.
15:00 04.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1534 views

Developers of shopping malls don’t want to open hypermarkets Nasha Raduga.
16:00 02.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1584 views

A new Android application store GetUpps! is being developed for the subscribers of MegaFon.
11:05 02.10.2012 Количество просмотров 1284 views

The appeal was signed by 165 thousand kiosks owners.  

The M.Video-Eldorado Group analyzed the range of items purchased tax-free during the first year of the pilot (June 2018 - June 2019).

Walmart has launched Walmart Pay mobile wallet to meet customers’ demands and address the lack of open solutions usable across devices and payment types.

For Alibaba, an investment in Snapdeal could speed up the Chinese company’s expansion in India’s booming electronic-commerce market.

Nearly seven in ten consumers would stop using a brand or product if they were irritated by that company’s social media behaviour.

Only 12% of the respondents paid by a card of the store’s web-site.

PrivatBank has released a new version of its mobile payment application Privat24 for iOS and Android, which now includes a “contactless” function for bank transactions with QR-code.

Up until recently the online store was available only to the customers in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

Х5 Retail Group is the only Russian retailer that closes its big hypermarkets.

Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical Household and Computer are afraid legalize parallel import in Russia.


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