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AliExpress Russia plays lead in pickpoints number

27 Января 2020, 10:29
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AliExpress Russia plays lead in pickpoints number

aliexpress-66-1.jpgThe Cainiao logistics operator (part of Alibaba Group) more than tripled the number of AliExpress Russia pickup points within a year to make the platform one of the lead online players in this regard. As of mid-January, the number of pickpoints at nearly 3,500 localities in Russia exceeded 13,000 (with 8600 of them handling local orders).

In 2019, the parcel automat network expansion and new partnerships (including 5post, a subsidiary of X5 Retail Group that develops new mail services) allowed the company to halve the length of delivery in general and in difficult-to-reach areas in particular. To date, the average delivery time is reduced to some 20 days (about 10 days for megacities).

Automated parcel lockers are one of the most popular channels to receive parcels. Pick-up points are available for shoppers making purchases for 330 rubles or more.

The number of such purchases at AliExpress Russia has grown to 30% over the past six months due to the launch of the option of pooling several orders into one package and faster delivery.

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