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DIXY Group expands the range of alcoholic beverages under private labels

30 Июня 2015, 13:29

DIXY Group expands the range of alcoholic beverages under private labels

DIXY GroupDIXY Group has expanded the range of alcoholic beverages under its private trademarks. Aside from wines, vermouths and beer, the available selection now includes cognac produced in Moscow Oblast, as well as vodkas and cordials from Russian producers in various regions of the country – a total of eight new product names. By the end of the year, the number of private-label types of hard liquor is to double.

The first strong alcoholic drink under a private label is the Russian Five Stars cognac offered to the customers by the chain in partnership with the distillery producer, located near Moscow. It is currently represented in all the regions of DIXY presence and its share in sales within the «Brandies» subcategory is 42%.

The available selection also features the «Zakaznaya» [«Custom-Made»] brand. Today, this label covers vodka in 0.5 and 0.25 liter bottles, as well as three cordials in half-liter bottles. By the end of the year, the label will also cover cognac and port wine.

Private-label alcoholic beverages number 37 product items at DIXY, and they account for some 20% of sales in the category of alcoholic beverages.

For the purposes of controlling the quality of private-label alcoholic beverages, the chain uses a multi-tier system of quality control. The products are made in strict accordance with the GOST state standard guaranteeing safe consumption, which is confirmed by records of tests conducted by independent specialized laboratories.

«We do not limit the number of our categories in which we produce private-label foodstuffs and other goods. By offering items of guaranteed quality at fair prices to our customers, we expect to win customer confidence and trust even in such brand-dependent category as strong alcoholic drink. And we are glad that in the development of this strategic project, we are supported by Moscow Oblast producers», - says Elena Savchenko, DIXY director for Private Label development.

Источник: DIXY Group

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