“Fintech Borderless. Eurasia Digital”. The second CIS International PLUS-Forum to be held on September 23 in Almaty - Information portal

“Fintech Borderless. Eurasia Digital”. The second CIS International PLUS-Forum to be held on September 23 in Almaty

25 Июня 2021, 13:52

“Fintech Borderless. Eurasia Digital”. The second CIS International PLUS-Forum to be held on September 23 in Almaty


Opening the borders of the CIS, connecting Europe and Asia the rest of the world, putting together fintech technology and banks, the PLUS-Forum “Fintech Borderless. Eurasia Digital” invariably kindles great interest among professionals in the banking sector, payments industry and financial market.

We are pleased to announce that new partners and sponsors have joined us recently!

Meet new companies at the CIS flagship fintech event in autumn 2021:

∙ IBS PROJECT – Platinum Partner

∙ TietoEVRY, Oz Forensics, WHITEBIRD, Robokassa, THALES – Gold partners

∙ Ostcard, Wordline – Bronze Partners

The Forum will analyze the current state of and the development prospects for the banking sector and payments industry on the Eurasian continent. The discussion framework includes the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Representatives of national banks, banking sector, relevant ministries and agencies, prospective fintech communities from many countries will speak on topical issues at the event. The Forum programme includes discussions on the most pressing problems related to further development of innovations and fintech, as well as the challenges facing the digitalization of the economy and society. The Forum platform is an ideal place to search new customers and develop relationships with existing ones, to maintain and develop companies' brands, to establish new business contacts with the banking industry stakeholders, vendors, experts and market regulators. The exhibition center will feature products from leading vendors, solution and service providers. 

Among the Forum speakers:

∙ Jakirul Islam, Senior Vice President, Bank Asia Limited

∙ Alma Obaeva, Board Chairman, Non-Profit Partnership “National Payments Council”

∙ Berik Mukhambetzhanov, Deputy Board Chairman, Eurasian Development Bank

∙ Elmira Raspekova, Deputy Chairman of Management Board, IT Block, Otbasy Bank (formerly Zhilstroysberbank)

∙ Victor Dostov, Chairman, Association of eMoney and Remittance Market Participants (AED); Chief Research Officer, Saint Petersburg University

 Bekzhan Mutanov, Deputy Chairman, AIFC Fintech Hub

∙ Arman Khachatryan, Director of Financial Policy Department, Eurasian Economic Commission

∙ Nikolay Petelin, independent expert, formerly responsible for SME division at Vostochny Bank

∙ Olga Aleksyuk, Head of Competence Center for Digital Business Innovative Technology, Promsvyazbank

∙ Elina Sidorenko, Doctor of Law, General Director, ZABIZNES.RF, an entrepreneur applications handling platform, Professor at MGIMO University, Director of Center for Digital Economy

∙ Mark Baranov, Managing Director for Merchant Acquiring Development, MKB

∙ Yuri Ivanov, Director for Financial Technology and Payment Services, VKontakte

∙ Mikhail Shashilov, Head of CIS cross-border transfers, Tinkoff

∙ Sergey Kuznetsov, regional director (authentication, data protection), Thales, Russia and CIS

The business agenda of the Forum includes discussions of the most pressing issues related to the further development of banking and payments business in the member states of the Commonwealth. Key topics include:

∙ Investments in Fintech in key country markets. Does the investment size determine the successful fintech development?

∙ Digital ruble project. The third form of money. Whys, Wherefores or What for? Prospects for the Russian and CIS market

∙ Digital currencies of central banks (CBDC) as a direction of transformation of modern banking. Risks and opportunities

∙ Open Banking and Open API. How Open API technology will change the traditional banking market. Best international practices

∙ Financial marketplaces. First results and new development paths. Ecosystem economics as one of the most important aspects of building a marketplace

∙ Remote identification as an essential element of the digital transformation of the financial sector. How to draw in the user

∙ Cross-border money transfers market. Strategies and technologies

∙ Instant (faster) payments systems. Practices and prospects of the development of national projects. How are banks and consumers changing? 

Will the banks hold their monopoly or will the “bank-as-a-service” model win?

∙ Big data. How to preserve the integrity and security of computed and stored data

∙ Banks + fintech or Banks = fintech. Synergy or road to Ecosystems. Accelerated product creation and faster digital transformation in banks - can these goals be achieved and in what way?

∙ “New marketing”, “personalisation of sales” or design-based thinking in creating new products and services. What does the focus on the client and his needs bring?

∙ Digital customer profiles. Digital onboarding as a tool for customer engagement and retention

∙ Lifestyle banking. An integral part of the client's life?

∙ Cryptocurrency industry. Practices and prospects of private cryptocurrencies

∙ Development of national and international payment systems

∙ From cyber resilience to client cybersecurity

You can become a Delegate, Speaker or Sponsor, having learnt about all the benefits and options for participation here:

Register now, limited number of seats available!

Information support: PLUSworld.ru and Retail-Loyalty.org.

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Look at how it was done in 2019 in Minsk


See you at the Forum!

For more information, please contact the PLUS-Forum Steering Committee:

e-mail: marketing@plusworld.ru

tel .: +7 495 961 1065


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