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New participants joined November PLUS-Forum “Online&Offline Retail”

05 Октября 2021, 14:58

New participants joined November PLUS-Forum “Online&Offline Retail”

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PLUS-Forum “Online&Offline Retail”, the largest event for offline retail, e-commerce and payments industry will be held in Moscow on November 16, 2021.  Every year, the PLUS-Forum brings together the best industry experts.

Key industry stakeholders will discuss the main challenges and tasks facing the Russian retail industry, the latest trends in offline retail, e-commerce and the payments industry. The delegates will receive up-to-date information on business cases and technological solutions, which will allow them to assess the effectiveness of the latter and form preconditions for the development of their own retail businesses, as well as present their cases and solutions to the major industry players. Among them:

Svetlana Mozhaeva, General Director, Familia (a Russian off-price chain)

Alexander Fedosov, Marketing Director, METRO

Marina Ilyina, Moscow Division Director, ECCO

Anton Smirnov, Head of Digital Innovations, Panasonic

Olga Glebova, Marketing Director, Beethoven (a pet retail chain)

Alexey Okhlopkov, Chief Сommercial Officer, Multon, Coca-Cola HBC Russia

Ivan Korotkov, Head of Supply Chain Automation, Leroy Merlin

Alexey Ershikhin, Head of Communications in E-Commerce, VKontakte

Ivan Kanaev, Customer Service Director for Eastern Europe, Baltika brewery

Yulia Verzhbitskaya, National Manager for Products Development and Promotion in e-Com Segment, Baltika brewery

Alexander Dvorskiy, Director of Halva National Installment Card Programme, Sovcombank

Natalia Bocharova, Head of Sales, Koshelek (wallet) application

Maria Zaitseva, Deputy General Director for Commerce, SberLogistics

Ilya Shiyan, Executive Director, Kvint

Anton Larin, CEO, XWAY

Khusan Umarov, CEO, PayMo

Vitaly Nikiforov, Sales Director, Hyosung RUS LLC

Marat Arslanov, Marketing Director, CityNature

Boris Krivoshapkin, Head of e-Commerce Development, MultiCarta

Pavel Shinkarenko, CEO, Solar Staff

The circle of sponsors of the 8th International PLUS-Forum “Online&Offline Retail 2021” has grown wider to include new participants:

Chief Sponsors: Multicard, AdSensor, Solar Staff

Partners: Boxberry, DEEP2000, Yu money

The following organizations joined the ranks of media partners:

Associate partners: Association of Corporate Treasurers, National Association of Distance Selling (NAMO), Retail Companies Association (ACORT), Association of Online Trading Trade Companies (AKIT), Rusprosoyuz, RUNET — ID (RAEC), Russian Council of Shopping Centers, Union of Business People (SDL).

Media partners: ICT-online, HeadHunter,,, Logistics Magazine, Digital Finance Agency,, PRIME, Logirus,,, Vestnik Svyazi, Pygmalion, TimeLottery, Moyo Delo Magazine Magazine, PRO Fashion,, Warehouse and Equipment Magazine, Skolkovo,,,,, Eurasian Financial and Economic Herald Magazine.

Among the PLUS-Forum participants:

- lead experts in online and offline retail

- owners and top managers of retail chains, HoReCa and online stores

- top managers and lead experts of banking institutions

- representatives of market regulators

- managers and experts of vendors of software solutions and equipment

- representatives of other organizations.

The Forum will be held at the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel in Moscow on November 16, 2021.

As part of the PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail”, an innovative exhibition of products from leading vendors and providers of services for business development, marketing, IT operations, logistics, security, self-service, e-commerce and payment solutions will take place.

Sponsors and partners of the PLUS-Forum:

Global Sponsor: Newland Europe

General Sponsor: Hyosung TNS, CityNature

Cocktail Sponsor: PAYMO

Chief Sponsors: Sovcombank, Koshelek, Dostavista, Kvint, International processing systems, Xway, edna, Sber Corus, Sber Logistics, Pony Express, 1C Rarus, Multicard, AdSensor, Solar Staff

Partners: ICL Techno, Genesis block, Avtomaty.Ru, BSL, Telfin, Valuement, Leopon, Vkontakte, Boxberry, DEEP2000, Yu money

Registration sponsor: Arvato

You can see how it was during the PLUS-Forum “Online&Offline Retail 2020” in the summary video here.

You can become a Delegate, Speaker or Sponsor, having learnt about all the benefits and options for participation here:

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Register now, limited number of seats available!

We remind you that participation is free for:

- retail chains (B2C) 

- public transport operators

- airlines

- fuel stations

- FMCG manufacturers

- HoReCa

Informational support: and

Keep on top of our news at, the official website of the event, follow us on Facebook, Telegram, and join PLUS-Forum, our official Telegram channel!

See you at the Forum!

If you have more questions, please contact the PLUS-Forum Steering Committee.


tel .: +7 495 961 1065

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