Online PLUS-Forum “Practical Biometrics” brings together leading experts of the fintech market - Information portal

Online PLUS-Forum “Practical Biometrics” brings together leading experts of the fintech market

05 Февраля 2021, 12:08

Online PLUS-Forum “Practical Biometrics” brings together leading experts of the fintech market


The online PLUS-Forum “Practical Biometrics” scheduled for February 25, 2021: new participants, a larger pool of sponsors and an extended list of media-partners.

The Forum is as few as three weeks away. The online event will discuss one of the most promising technologies for the financial market.

The leading experts in practical biometrics will offer their presentations and reports for your attention:

• Elena Antoni, Board Chairman, Single Settlement and Information Space (ERIP), a non-bank credit and financial organization

• Natalya Storina, Deputy Director, Card Business and Remote Banking Services Dept., Rosselkhozbank (Russian Agricultural Bank)

• Artem Kharchenko, Head of Fraud Prevention, Tinkoff Bank

• Vassily Tarasevich, Independent Expert, ex. X5 Retail Group

• Yaroslav Shuvaev, Head of Internal Innovations Competence Center, Ak Bars Digital Technologies

• Vitaly Kopysov, Director for Innovation, SKB-Bank

• Konstantin Sergeev, Chief Security Officer, Monetka retail chain

• Mikhail Pavlov, CIO, Nikamed Ltd. Ex-CEO of ZENDEN Group

• Olga Aleksyuk, Head of Competence Center for Digital Business Innovative Technology, Promsvyazbank

• Grigory Salnikov, Head of Unified Client Identification, VTB

• Nikita Danilov, Head of Legal Relations with Executive Bodies, Legal Function. Megaphone

• Vladimir Shikin, Deputy Director for Marketing, National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI)

• Timur Shipunov, Head of Competence Center for Data Analysis and Machine Learning, AK Bars

• Danila Nikolaev, Director of Non-Commercial Partnership “Russian Biometric Society”, Chairman of TC098 “Biometrics and Biomonitoring” (Rosstandart)

• Oksana Borisova, Partner, Technology Consulting, KPMG (KPMG)

• Marina Salyaeva, Chief Product Owner phygital, Alfa-Bank

• Nikita Lomov, Head of Analytics Department, FinTech Association.
Session moderator:

• Alexander Gorshkov, Development Director, IrisDevices

Partner: RecFaces
Extended list of the Forum media partners: ICT Infocommunications online; HeadHunter;; Logistics Magazine;; Information Internet portal ID Expert;; Banking Review; NBJ; BIS Journal; GLOBALTRUST.RU; GlobalCIO; JOBSORA; Security Industry; Ru-Bezh.

The Forum business programme includes discussion of the most pressing issues of the biometric technology development. Among them:
• Biometrics in retail. Solutions. Cases
• Biometric acquiring - a new market segment
• Biometrics and loyalty systems
• Biometric cards: the revival of the technology amid the pandemic
• Biometrics in the UBS of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus
• Innovative biometrics equipment 
• Fast registration (biometrics-based automation of work with customers)
• Scheduling staff workload using biometrics
• Impact of the pandemic on payments that involve biometric identification
• Fingerprints in the pandemic era 
• Biometrics as the second factor for client authentication during ATM transactions
• RBS – development of testing methodology
• Detection of voice and face disguise in the biometrics systems 
• Role of iris biometrics in the security of critical assets
• Changes in the legal framework for biometric solutions
• Transformation of ACS in biometric projects
• Alternative biometrics use cases 
• Biometrics in the security of organizations
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