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PLUS-Forum “Payments 2021”: making the horizons closer!

23 Марта 2021, 13:06

PLUS-Forum “Payments 2021”: making the horizons closer!


Dear friends, Tth International PLUS-Forum “Payments 2021” is not far off – we are waiting for you at the Moscow Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel & Business Center as soon as April 26-27, 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of people dramatically, affecting all areas of human activity, including the economy and business. Usual socialising, work processes, business meetings and events have long been impossible unless online. But nothing can replace live communication. Today, there is an opportunity at last to return to normal, when we can meet in person at the PLUS-Forum to discuss the topical issues accumulated during this period.

The strategic mission of the event-2021 is to jointly discuss burning topics of the development of financial technologies, payment industry, retail banking and retail trade. The Forum will analyze the current state of the market and its development prospects in the post-covid realities, as well as the challenges business faces today.

The list of PLUS-Forum sponsors has expanded significantly. Just AI, nadeks, Benzuber, Atol and Newland Payment Technology joint the pool of chief sponsors.

We will discuss the following topics during the PLUS-Forum “Payments 2021”:

  • The National Payment System Development Strategy  2021–2023
  • The digital ruble is a payment instrument of the near future
  • Retail banking in coronavirus realities
  • Faster Payments System. The current state. Prospects. Impact on acquiring
  • Remote identification and biometrics
  • Open Banking and Open API
  • Cyber ​​resilience of banking and payments industry
  • “New Marketing". Reassessing strategies and tools
  • Financial marketplaces
  • Onboarding in banking
  • Customer Experience in the digital era
  • Lifestyle banking
  • SMEs and self-employed
  • Pay-services: fast, convenient, easy. The future comes today
  • Robotic Process Automation in RBS
  • Digital financial assets and blockchain
  • Big data. Further prospects
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Transit projects and payment business
  • and more

You can find more detailed information about the PLUS-Forum “Payments 2021” here.

Our speakers include leading industry experts:

  • Vladimir Komlev, General Director, Board Chairman, NSPK
  • Sergey Putyatinsky, Deputy Board Chairman, MKB Bank
  • Roman Romanenko, Deputy Board Chairman, Moscow Industrial Bank (MInBank)
  • Siri Borsum, Global VP Finance Vertical Eco-Development & Partnership, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Vyacheslav Dusaleev, General Director, ‘Square meter’ real estate ecosystem (VTB Group’s project)
  • Dmitry Stiran, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google Pay
  • Vlad Branin, Product Director, Gett
  • Nikolay Butvina, Executive Partner, Gartner
  • Alexey Lola, Board Member, Retail Business Director, Rosbank
  • Alexey Maslov, Co-Chairman of the Payment Systems Committee, Association of Russian Banks
  • Andrey Emelin, Chairman, National Council of Financial Market
  • Inna Emelyanova, Head of Acquiring, Russian Standard Bank
  • Dmitry Kolesnikov, Head of Innovative Services Development, NSPK
  • Viktor Dostov, Chairman, Association of eMoney and Remittance Market Participants (AED); Chief Research Officer at Saint Petersburg University
  • Alexey Golenishchev, Head of Cyber ​​Fraud Prevention Directorate, Alfa-Bank
  • Yuri Ivanov, Head of Financial Services, VKontakte
  • Illarion Yalovenko, Head of Financial Services, Tele2
  • Elina Sidorenko, General Director of ZaBiznes, a public platform for legal assistance to Russian entrepreneurs
  • Iliya Dimitrov, Public Representative of the Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs on the Digital Economy. Author of the Seldon software product line
  • Georgy Konnov, Head of E-Commerce Development, Raiffeisenbank
  • Alexander Vurasko, Head of Digital Threat Analysis, Infosecurity
  • Asel Kaliaskarova, Head of Video Banking, Remote Services Department, Otbasy Bank (formerly Zhilstroysberbank)
  • Yaroslav Kabakov, Strategy Director, FINAM
  • Sergey Portnyagin, Head of R&D (research and implementation of new technologies), Raiffeisenbank
  • Vitaly Kopysov, Director for Innovation, SKB-Bank
  • Alexey Raevsky, CEO of Zecurion
  • Sergey Doschenko, Advisor to the General Director, FlexSoft

We invite speakers and vendors to participate in the event!

As tradition has it, alongside the Conference, the most representative 2-day exhibition of state-of-the-art banking and retail solutions will be open.

The PLUS-Forum is an ideal opportunity for your products to be presented to the target audience, whatever format of participation you choose.

Hurry up and take your place among the market leaders!

You can get registered as a delegate  here. Hurry up, limited number of seats available!

Sponsors of PLUS-Forum “Payments 2021”:

Global partner: Mastercard

PLUS-Forum will be supported by NSPK (Mir Payment System)

General sponsors: QIWI, FlexSoft

Chief sponsors: Best2Pay, RBK Money, Thales, DNA Distribution, Advent, nadeks, Just AI, Benzuber, ATOL, Newland Payment Technology

Partners: OSTCARD, Entrust, Sunyard, Wuxi Juyao PlasticTechnology, Shanghai SUNMI Technology Co. Ltd., PayMo, Frodex, Dspread Technology (Beijing) Inc., Morefun, Wallarm, Electronic Cloud, Kvint, Fuzzy Logic Labs, Aurus, Dataphone, Regula, Terminal Technologies, Sim2M.

See you at the Forum!

For more information, please contact the PLUS-Forum Steering Committee:

Konstantin Grizov

Co-Chairman of the Steering Comittee

Cell: +7 925 005 4 005


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