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Pricing announced for new Russian e-vehicle Zetta

27 Мая 2019, 13:44
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Pricing announced for new Russian e-vehicle Zetta

электромобиль Zetta.jpgThe new Russian e-vehicle Zetta may hit the stores in December at a price tag of 450 thousand rubles, said Director General of the like-named company Denis Schurovsky. 

This refers to the standard front-drive version with a 200 km drive-range battery on a single charge. By the end of the year, the company will present up to ten commercial production prototypes. Zetta is basically a compact three-door car with a two- or four-wheel electric drive. 

According to D. Schurovsky, the car is 99% made of Russian parts, but for the battery imported from China. The company has its own production site in Tolyatti. The project is a startup sponsored by private investors. The investments amounted to 450 million rubles. 

R&D and engineering works were supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and pre-production operations were financed by the Factory-Based Towns Development Fund. 

 D. Schurovsky emphasized that preparations for production operation have been completed by 70% to be ready by the end of this year, provided that the company encounters no financial straits. The vehicle certification is expected to have been completed by this autumn, and sales may start in December. 

According to the company estimates, the compact vehicle segment Zetta belongs to may reach up to 15 thousand vehicles sold annually. Export sales under preliminary contracts may start in 2021 to amount to some 10,000 vehicles.

Источник: RIA Novosti

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