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PUTIN TEAM fashion line first presented internationally

04 Февраля 2020, 09:33
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PUTIN TEAM fashion line first presented internationally

image-27-01-20-09-44 (3).jpegISPO Munich 2020, the largest international exhibition of sporting goods and technologies, was held in Munich on January 26-29. The Munich trade fair was the first international venue, where the PUTIN TEAM fashion collection developed by SHISHKIN Tailor Manufactory was presented. The collection was first shown at the INNOPROM 2019 exhibition in Yekaterinburg, where it received attention of many visitors.

“We want to show that Russia produces a high-quality product that will be popular not in our country alone, but will be able to compete with the world's major brands,” commented State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Yevtukhov.

“Our capsule collection PUTIN TEAM was developed by SHISHKIN Tailor Manufactory in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and supported by Deputy Minister Viktor Yevtukhov personally. Initially, it was only intended to be an image-building fashion line, not for sale. But I think we can now offer these products on the international market successfully. The trade fair in Munich confirms that there is a demand for it, the interest is very high,” said designer Dmitry Shishkin, Head of the Tailor Manufacture.

According to the company, the PUTIN TEAM concept itself refers, to some extent, to the popular same-name social movement, but at the same time, the manufacturers turn their focus on a wider audience – proponents of a healthy lifestyle and sports.

The collection is based on the latest technologies of 3D modeling, seamless and ultrasonic joints, which allow to ensure maximum airtightness, air and water resistance, as well as the plasticity of each item. All products in the PUTIN TEAM collection were made at a digital factory in Yekaterinburg.

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