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Russian pharmaceutical market declared their technical readiness to label medicines

01 Июня 2020, 11:16

Russian pharmaceutical market declared their technical readiness to label medicines

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Companies, in particular, were present at the load testing of the drug labeling system, which was conducted by the labeling operator Center for advanced technology development (CRPT) at the end of May in order to test the process in conditions of increased demand for medicines.  

According to the operator's conclusions, during testing, the system showed performance at a load 10 times higher than the annual turnover of medicines in Russia. "Representatives of PROTEK were present at the testing of the system, and based on the results obtained, we can conclude that the system can withstand the planned load," said Dmitry Pogrebinsky, General Director of the PROTEK center, adding that the company is ready to launch the marking within the deadlines set by the government. 

Alexander Filippov, General Director of the Rigla pharmacy chain, also confirmed that today the pharmacy chain is technologically ready to work with labeled goods. "2D and 3D scanners have been purchased, software has been updated, and staff training has been organized," he said. Filippov also noted the need for skills in working with labeling, which, according to him, is possible only in the context of large-scale implementation of labeling of medicines. "I think it's time for the market to start working with labeling, but in a test mode, without imposing sanctions for violations, to allow companies in all three segments of the pharmaceutical market to debug all the necessary business processes," he explained. Selling medicines in the normal mode As noted in the CRPT, for consumers, the technological readiness of companies for labeling indicates that even in the conditions of excitement in the pharmaceutical market due to the pandemic, labeled drugs are sold as usual. 

"Moreover, labeling allows you to see online the movement of medicines along the chain - how much they purchased, when they were shipped from the warehouse, when they were accepted from the distributor and, accordingly, when they will come to the pharmacy or hospital," said Sergey Holkin, head of the Pharma group of the CRPT. Under the control of the authorities Representatives of the government, in turn, noted that on June 2, the inter-factional working group on improving legislation in the field of drug provision for citizens will hold a meeting on the drug labeling system. "The entire session will be devoted to this topic. We will listen to the CRPT, we will listen to the Ministry of industry and trade, the Ministry of health and manufacturers, pharmacies, pharmacy chains," said the first Deputy head of the United Russia faction in the state Duma, Andrey Isaev. The MP noted the importance of peak testing. 

"We - the state Duma-recommended that they do this," he said, noting that all sides will be heard at the meeting and an agreed common position will be developed. About drug labeling Mandatory labeling of drugs for the treatment of "seven nosologies" in Russia began on October 1, 2019. According to the government decree, mandatory labeling of all medicines is planned from July 1, 2020.
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