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Russian Post and China Post team up to develop cross-border commerce

02 Декабря 2019, 08:37
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Russian Post and China Post team up to develop cross-border commerce

To develop cross-border commerce between Russia and China, the postal operators of the two countries agreed on the joint development of the cPacket logistics service.

The cPacket service, also referred to as a traceable small package, is primarily designed to control the flow of small traceable items during their exchange between the PRC and the Russian Federation.  The cPacket flow will reach Russia via the main logistics channel organized by RP Logistics, a subsidiary of Russian Post in China.

As part of the new service, the postal operators of Russia and China are planning to offer the best terms of fast delivery for Russian shoppers and visitors of major online stores, as well as maximum convenience for each client. The quality of the logistics process will be guaranteed by the new aviation logistics scheme and special routes.

«For several years, we have been successfully working with China, and this area generates the largest volumes of shipments for us. Cooperation with China Post as part of the cPacket service will allow us to more effectively arrange the delivery of cross-border orders to the end recipient, while reducing the cost of services due to the ever-growing volumes,» commented Denis Ilyin, Deputy General Director for International Business at Russian Post.

«The new service, developed jointly with our Russian colleagues, is entirely aimed at meeting the needs of customers in Russia. For them, fast and high-quality logistics is an important link in the process of shopping at foreign electronic sites. As part of the cPacket project, we want to offer the market the most convenient solutions for fast logistics and efficient channels for the flow of goods between the two countries,» said Mr. Liao Tao, Head of Package Business, Express Delivery and Logistics at China Post.

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