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Russian Post to build China - Russia - Europe transit logistics chain

10 Июня 2019, 15:12
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Russian Post to build China - Russia - Europe transit logistics chain

ПМЭФ_сессия.jpegRussian Post intends to build a point-to-point transit logistics chain to connect China, Russia and Europe. These plans were announced by Russian Post Director General Nickolay Podguzov during St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. 

 E-commerce volume worldwide totals to 2.8 trillion dollars today, with the countries of Europe and Asia accounting for more than half of it. While the transit streams generate about 180 billion dollars, Russia’s share is just as few as 1.5 per cent. 

Nickolay Podguzov says that in 2018 Russian Post managed to integrate with the key market players, like Alibaba Group and Cainao. According to the Russian Post Director General, transit line Japan – Europe has been successfully functioning for a year now. 

The participation of Russian Post allows goods from Japan to reach Europe in 20 days instead of 60. An option to pay the customs duty online is another advantage for customers. 

Russian Post aims at becoming a global logistics operator capable of managing transit streams as well as import and export activities, adds Nickolay Podguzov. The major issue that all members of e-commerce industry are determined to solve is creating efficient logistics. 

As explained by Albert Ng, Ernst&Young China Chairman, for the moment it is essential to intensify cooperation between Chinese online companies and firms in each particular country. He also drew attention to a number of difficulties related to payment processes. In this regard businesses need to be supported by national governments both in Asia and in Europe, Albert Ng believes. 

The discussions during the session dedicated to logistics matters in e-commerce were mainly focused on the role of Russia in implementing the process, since it is Russia that holds strategic geographical position on the trade routes between the global participants of the process. 

According to statistics, 1.9 billion shoppers will make at least one purchase in over 24 million online stores in 2019.


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