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Russian Post will help enter Japanese market

02 Марта 2020, 09:38
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Russian Post will help enter Japanese market Post, in collaboration with Japan Post, is organizing the Russian Goods Festival in Tokyo with the participation of the Russian Export Center (REC), the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Communications of Japan. The event scheduled for February 27-28 is supported by the Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in Japan. 

The exhibition will feature goods from Russian manufacturers. Among them are Russian food products, cosmetics, lady's wear, and board games.

The Festival is aimed to present Russian-made goods to Japanese partners and consumers in order to boost the development of non-resource exports and trade between the countries, including e-commerce sales. As part of the event, a marketing study will be conducted to help learn more about the Japanese buyers’ demand for goods from Russia.

During the Festival, Russian Post, in collaboration with REC and with the support of the Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation, will hold talks with Japanese distributors and electronic marketplaces to discuss the creation of an electronic storefront for the sale of goods and intangible assets from Russia in Japan.

“Since late 2019, we have been exploring, together with our Japanese partners, the feasibility of creating a channel for Russian goods and services to enter the Japanese market. The Russian Goods Festival in Tokyo will be the first step towards building knowledge about consumer demand for Russian products, strengthening the position of the Russian Post as the key export and logistics partner for Russian manufacturers, as well as developing e-commerce between the countries,” commented Alexey Skatin, Deputy Director for e-Commerce, Russian Post.

“Russian Post is one of our key partners in Russia. A significant number of our customers use the services offered by Russian Post, especially when exporting goods through e-commerce channels. We are working together on the issues such as development of export logistics, simplification of tax and customs procedures, and organizing new export channels for Russian business. For us, entering the Japanese market is a pilot project implemented with Russian Post in this format, and we hope that the Russian exhibition in Tokyo, as well as our further interaction with Russian Post and the Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in Japan will bring a meaningful result in the form of actual agreements on sales of Russian goods. We are confident that this would cater the interests of all parties involved,” said Anna Belyaeva, Managing Director for International Development, Russian Export Center.

The exposition is organized in accordance with the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies and postal services, signed between Russia and Japan in December 2016.

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