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Russians increase their vacation spending

02 Июля 2019, 14:13
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Russians increase their vacation spending

пальмы и лето.jpgThe average check in the Travel and Tourism category increased by 42% compared with 2018, according to the estimates of ePN analysts. 

With an average check of 29,792 rubles, the “Hotels” segment shows the most significant increase (88%). Besides, the expenses of citizens buying travel packages increased by 20% to amount to 72,155 rubles on average for the ePN Cashback service users. At the same time, the number of purchases increased by 31% comparing to same period last year. 

According to e-Commerce Partners Network COO Ekaterina Dontsova (Solyagina), it is the travel category where people are seeking for additional saving most often. Since early 2019, the ePN cashback service has allowed the users to save over 7.5m rubles on tickets, tours and hotel reservations for scheduled trips, she added. The average cashback for ticket purchase/hotel reservation and tour purchase amounted to 1,000 and 1,800 rubles, respectively. 

According to Alina Sharonya, PR Manager at Ozon Travel, the share of early bookers choosing Russian cities has dropped by 5% compared to last year, down to 80%. For example, Simferopol is rated the most popular summer destination again, but the demand for trips there decreased by 15% as of April. The Ozon Travel PR Manager explains it by an increase in average ticket price that grew by 11% compared to same period last year to reach 10,500 rubles. The demand for trips abroad has grown by 30% compared to last year to reach 20% at large. The top 5 foreign destinations include Georgia, Armenia, Italy, Spain and Montenegro. 

Armenia took the lead, with the demand for this destination grown by 44%. The current average check about 8,600 thousand rubles  is up by 21% compared to last year. 

Turkey still ranks sixth among foreign destinations, but the demand for it has increased by 10%. 

Aviasales experts have formed the rating of the cheapest (up to 1,000 rubles) domestic flights to include Vladikavkaz, Rostov-on-Don, Kaluga, Simferopol and Grozny. Besides, some tourists were lucky to buy cheap tickets for international flights, according to Aviasales. 

Kaliningrad-Minsk (1,332 rubles), Moscow-Varna (1,414 rubles) and Moscow-Debrecen (2117 rubles) turned out to be the most cost-effective options of one way tickets. The list of cheapest return tickets includes Astrakhan - Atyrau (4,116 rubles), Astrakhan - Baku (4,188 rubles) and Petersburg - Minsk (4,414 rubles). 

Flights to Vienna have decreased in price most of all, as compared with other overseas destinations. This year, you can save 26% on a flight buying the tickets for 13,971 rubles on average. Prices for other international flights dropped significantly, too. You can visit Amsterdam and Budapest this summer at a 20% discount, for 17.5 thousand and 15 thousand rubles, respectively. 

The leaders of rail routes include predictably many southern destinations - 25.5% of all destinations for summer. The average price of a train ticket from Moscow is 5,116 rubles. The cheapest destination is Moscow - Rostov-on-Don (3,860 rubles), and the most expensive one is Moscow - Sochi (5,665 rubles).

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