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Store of the Future: the retail innovation lab opened in the Netherlands in The Hague

03 Июля 2015, 15:09

Store of the Future: the retail innovation lab opened in the Netherlands in The Hague

Store of the FutureOn Tuesday, 23 June at 19:00 by Councillor Karsten Klein (Urban Economics, Care and Ports) Store of the Future officially opened in New Babylon in The Hague. The retail landscape is constantly changing and this initiative Netherlands has its first retail innovation lab. The store thereby fills one of the twelve pillars of the Smart Shopping City program of The Hague. The retail innovation lab is a unique collaboration of more than sixty retailers, brands, real estate companies, technology companies, financial parties and other suppliers of retail. The aim of the store is to show how shopping through technology in the future, more fun and most importantly can be easier.

Store of the Future is not a traditional shop, but an innovative laboratory where visitors can discover and test how the physical store environment can look like. The shop is not the final product, but the starting point of a journey for the coming year which is taken together with over sixty partners involved. Frank Quix, director Q & A: "We are extremely proud of the result and this is just the beginning. It is a laboratory expanded continuously throughout the year and will be changed. Both consumers and business visitors are welcome. If every business visitor there is only one thing which pulls its own business improves we were successful. "

At the shop of the future was a prior investigation of over 600 young people, all in an essay gave an outline of how shopping will look in the future. Surprisingly, gave 69 percent of these "Millennials" that they prefer to shop in the future in a physical environment. Furthermore, they indicated that the future store must be a place where you can try out products.

Together with its partners and retailers Store of the Future is a test environment created where consumers in a sometimes new and sometimes interactive way to get acquainted with products and services. Frank Quix: "On a very small area of ​​only 350 square meters we have built an ecosystem for over sixty parties and this will expand even further next year. Nobody can do it alone and we need each other to explore the future with the visitors' In the coming months, take customers Store of the Future the following retailers and brands:. Hema, La Place, mymuesli, Eks'kwizit, Perry , Riviera Maison, Leapp, FonQ, QicQ, Wearable Experiments, Mammut, SNS, Marcey's, Deichmann and Brand Kids. Other retailers will later be found in the store are as C & A, Chasin 'and Van Gils.

Next to the shop there is an environment where a lot of knowledge is gathered and it provides valuable information. Q & A wants all the retailers and partners gladly help by going together to work on the future of retail and the information gathered to make useful for the practice of tomorrow. From Q & A partners and various partner events are organized to share this knowledge, in addition, Q & A will be offering various reports based on twelve-called sidetracks. These research projects are underway.

Romar LEDs Design Experience is one of the partners of Store of the Future. This means that Romar has implemented the lighting for the entire store. Romar also delivers in collaboration with its partners, retail lighting, scent and sound. In this way, a total experience is created. The total experience is tailored to the new consumer. 

The store will be open until August 1, 2016 in the shopping center New Babylon in The Hague.

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