The Portal wishes you Happy New Year! - Information portal

The Portal wishes you Happy New Year!

23 Декабря 2020, 16:42

The Portal wishes you Happy New Year!


Dear readers, colleagues, friends!
Happy New Year 2021 and Merry Christmas! 
Let it be better than the outgoing 2020 for all of us!
Let it be!

We are confident that the challenges that the banking sector, retail and payments business encountered in 2020 will make all of us even more agile, even more stable and, therefore, even more competitive! And will help us to love stronger our lives, appreciate more our friends and colleagues! 

Do not forget, we are always staying by your side, like we did during our more than ten-year history! It is especially the case at the times of crises and pandemics, which undoubtedly proves the importance and strength of our common cause!

We wish you new achievements and new interesting projects in the New Year! After all, there will be a lot of interesting things in it, indeed!

The portal
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